Celo’s response to COVID-19

At Celo we believe good communication can save lives. That’s why in these extraordinary times, we’ve introduced a rapid response toolkit for healthcare providers to respond to COVID-19.


Celo Broadcast

With Celo Broadcast you can reach your entire workforce in minutes. Celo Broadcast means the messages that matter are delivered instantly with real-time metrics - making it easy to see who has and hasn’t read them.


HIPAA Compliant & Globally Accredited

Celo takes the security of patient information very seriously, which is why we're HIPAA compliant as well as accredited and compliant with many other global healthcare privacy frameworks. We also work with a range of compliance partners including Crest Accredited security partners for security and privacy testing. Celo strives to go above and beyond required standards, and we work with regulators to contribute to healthcare privacy legislation to provide better safeguards for healthcare information.

Our Celo databases utilize Microsoft Azure, which has more certifications than any other cloud provider and is HIPAA compliant and accredited with all major international healthcare standards.

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Instant onboarding

We will commit to onboarding your organization onto the Celo platform within 24 hours so you instantly bring your healthcare teams together, in a safe and HIPAA compliant way. We’ve designed Celo to be as familiar and easy to use as any consumer app, so there is no training required. That means they can start using it - and loving it - straight away, without any unnecessary learning curves.


Real-time communication

During a crisis, it’s crucial information gets to the right people. Celo ensures instant and rapid delivery of messages, photos and files so that you can be sure your team and colleagues are always kept up to date. With tracked delivery status and the ability to see who has actually read each message, you can coordinate communication like never before.


Manage Groups

With Celo you can quickly create and deploy groups to coordinate care amongst teams, and share critical information amongst specialty services. More importantly, unlike with consumer applications, new group members are quickly brought up to speed by being able to access historic information within the groups they join.

It’s time to introduce your team to Celo.

Email: info@celohealth.com

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Celo 2023. All Rights Reserved |