A feature-rich alternative designed for healthcare

Celo’s familiar and easy to use messenger is built with powerful and secure healthcare features. Easily move your team to Celo today.

Healthcare Communication Made Easy

Celo is the simple and secure solution trusted by healthcare professionals making communication within your team effortless.

Secure and compliant communication

Celo protects your personal and patient information using healthcare grade encryption. Celo is globally accredited and compliant, giving you complete piece of mind.

Secure Chat

Message your colleagues without having to share your personal phone number or email address.

Customisable Groups

Keep your team updated with custom groups. With Celo you can see exactly who in your team has read your messages.

Patient Cases

Create a patient case when discussing a patient as a team. Send patient photos, documents and discuss information in a dedicated and secure environment.

Network & Workspace

Working as a team is easy using Celo. Set up a workspace and invite your colleagues to build up a complete directory for your whole team.

Verified Workspace

Verify your workspace to elevate your trust within the Celo network. Celo users with a verified workspace are elevated above unverified users when searching the network.

Search and Connect

Grow your clinical network by searching and connecting with other Celo members. Choose who can find you in the Celo network by setting your discoverability settings.

Verify Your Profile

Verify your profile, build trust and help others easily find and connect with you. Celo helps verify your identity, profession and workplace.

You’re in control

Separating your working life from your personal life can be difficult. Celo gives you full control over your personal information, and helps you switch off whenever you choose.

Privacy Settings

Customise who can see your profile as well as your personal information. Choose to share it with your connections or workspace, or keep it private.

Do Not Disturb

Celo empowers you to separate your working life from your private life. Mute specific conversations, or use Do Not Disturb to make yourself unavailable.

Secure Media

Secure Library

Separate your personal phone gallery and patient images. Import media from your device or capture them within the app using the secure camera.

Secure In-App Camera

Capture patient photos and video within Celo using the in-app camera. Annotate and edit patient photos, add patient information and consent.

Consents and Documents

Celo allows you to capture signed consent by signing on the screen. Share patient documents and easily attach patient information and consents.

Rapidly empower your entire workforce with Celo Enterprise

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Celo 2020. All Rights Reserved |