Encrypted healthcare compliant communication

From big hospitals to small clinics, Celo helps healthcare professionals communicate better. Celo provides encrypted and instant healthcare compliant secure messaging available on iOS, Android and Desktop. Replace the non-compliant use of consumer messaging apps by moving to Celo.

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians, Celo is easy to use and keeps patient information safe at all times.

One to one message
Chat Instant Communication
Capture using secure in APP camera


Secure in-app camera, capture and sync patient photos to desktop or Electronic Medical Record

Capture patient images using the secure Celo in-app camera and save these to your Secure Celo Library or share instantly and securely with colleagues for advice. The Celo library easily syncs to desktop or electronic medical record. Label and annotate patient photographs with relevant information such as Patient ID to enhance clinical decision making or document information.


Easy to use, sign on glass consent

Celo makes getting patient consent easy with our sign on glass consent process. Make sure the correct patient consent is received for clinical images and use Celo’s consent feature to document the consent process.

Authenticated Healthcare Directory


Authenticated Healthcare Directory

The Celo Healthcare Professional Network features an Authenticated Healthcare Directory. By authenticating all users of Celo, we ensure an up to date and safe network of healthcare professionals. Using Celo, finding the right colleague at the right time is easy and secure.

Active Directory integration is available for our Enterprise customers.

Multiple Platforms

With Celo available on iOS, Android and on the web or Desktop, you can seamlessly sync all of your Celo work across all your devices, so you can use whatever device is most convenient for you.

Secure Access

Access Celo securely by using biometrics or your Celo PIN number. No patient information is stored permanently on a Celo user’s device, including any clinical photographs captured.


Celo integrates with Electronic Medical Records. Ensure clinical images or important notes are filed to patient records appropriately. We support HL7 or FHIR integration.

Patient Centered Care

Celo puts the patient first and at the centre of care.

By connecting healthcare professionals throughout the patients care network, Celo ensures the patient receives optimal care no matter where they are.

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