Celo Health Announces Opening of U.S. Headquarters in Seattle

Jan 10, 2022

SEATTLE, 10th January 2022 (BUSINESS WIRE) - Celo Health, a leading provider of a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform for healthcare providers, announced today the opening of its U.S. headquarters in Seattle and has named Jack Clough to head the operations.

As Chief Growth Officer at Celo Health, Clough will lead the operational, sales and marketing activities for one of the most affordable, easy-to-use, secure and reliable messaging platforms for healthcare teams. Prior to his new role, Clough held business development and sales roles at Celo Health and previously worked in sales and marketing positions at collaborative technology companies.

“Based on the growing global demand for the Celo Health platform, we believed it was an ideal time to introduce this highly secure, reliable and time saving collaborative solution to U.S. healthcare teams,” said Steve Vlok, founder and CEO of Celo Health. “Jack brings exceptional leadership and sales and marketing experience to help manage our growth and strongly position Celo Health as a leader in the secure healthcare messaging market.”

“I am excited to lead the U.S. operations of Celo Health,” said Clough. “Our platform is proven to enhance the patient experience, while maintaining the confidentiality of patient information and complying with HIPAA regulations. Unlike other platforms, Celo Health is so easy to use that healthcare providers can achieve immediate onboarding of all its employees in a short time frame.”

About Celo Health

Celo Health ( offers a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform that enables healthcare teams to collaborate seamlessly and securely on patient care. This easy-to-use platform requires virtually no training and assures instant onboarding of employees. It integrates securely with a healthcare provider’s existing Electronic Health Records and its On-Call feature enables healthcare teams to reach instantly the correct on-call provider, saving time and lives. With Celo Health’s reporting dashboard, healthcare providers also can gain insights into their operations by identifying areas for improvements such as resource allocation, rostering optimization and healthcare process improvements. The platform optimizes the efficiency of clinical workflows, increases worker productivity through significant time savings, improves patient engagement, speeds decision making, minimizes the risk of data breaches and fines by ensuring compliance, and ultimately enhances patient outcomes.


Lorretta Gasper
Wind Rose Communications for Celo Health

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