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Unlock the full potential of interoperability with Celo Enterprise and empower your team to communicate and collaborate seamlessly on a fully healthcare compliant platform.

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Accredited and Compliant for Healthcare

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Instant onboarding

We can get your team set up within hours. We’ve designed Celo to be as familiar and easy to use as any consumer app, so there is no training required. That means they can start using it - and loving it - straight away without any unnecessary learning curves.


Healthcare compliance from the ground up

Celo takes the security of patient information very seriously, which is why we're accredited and compliant with many global healthcare privacy frameworks. We also work with a range of compliance partners including Crest Accredited security partners for security and privacy testing. Celo strives to go above and beyond required standards, and we work with regulators to contribute to healthcare privacy legislation to provide better safeguards for healthcare information.

Our Celo databases utilize Microsoft Azure, which has more certifications than any other cloud provider and is compliant with all major international healthcare standards.


Celo Broadcast

With Celo Broadcast you can reach your entire workforce in minutes. Celo Broadcast means the messages that matter are delivered instantly with real-time metrics - making it easy to see who has and hasn’t read them.

We’re serious about security


Crest Accredited

We work with a Crest Accredited security partner for a wide range of security testing including source code reviews and penetration testing.


Regulator approval

We tirelessly work with regulators to gain approval from national and government health organisations.


Technical transparency

We allow organizations to run their own technical analysis on the Celo platform to give them full confidence.


Two factor authentication

We protect all data with each individual Celo user’s unique password and passcode or biometrics.

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Real-time reporting

Imagine seeing exactly how your healthcare organization is working in real-time. With Celo’s reporting dashboard we make this a reality.

Organizations can gain insights into the day to day operation of their staff, instantly identifying areas for improvements such as resource allocation, rostering optimization and health pathway improvements.


On-Call integration

Healthcare is too important to be undermined by the inability to reach the right people at the right time. With Celo’s On Call feature, frustrating switchboard calls are a thing of the past.

Instead your team can instantly find and contact the On Call provider directly from your Celo Directory, saving time and lives.


Integration with the EHR

Celo Enterprise allows organizations to integrate securely with their existing Electronic Health Records. Supporting HL7 or FHIR integration, we can ensure clinical images or important notes are filed to patient records appropriately.

We also offer several other custom integration services that can help you mobilize the EHR, meaning more time for your team to spend with the patient and less time sitting in front of a computer.

It’s time to introduce your team to Celo.


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