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Celo Overview

Learn more about Celo - a secure communication, collaboration and community platform created specifically for people in healthcare, by people in healthcare.


Celo Enterprise

Unlock the full potential of interoperability with Celo Enterprise and empower your team to communicate and collaborate seamlessly on a fully healthcare compliant platform.


Celo’s response to COVID-19

At Celo we believe good communication can save lives. That’s why in these extraordinary times, we’ve introduced a rapid response toolkit for healthcare providers to respond to COVID-19.


Celo's Security and Compliance

At Celo, everything we do is underpinned by best-in-class security and data privacy compliance.


Celo versus WhatsApp

There are a multitude of reasons why WhatsApp and other consumer grade applications aren’t fit-for-purpose in the healthcare industry. Find out why Celo is the better choice.


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