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Homewatch Caregivers Williamsport Case Study


Since 1980, Homewatch CareGivers has been a premier provider of home care services, making a positive change in the lives of all those they serve. Homewatch CareGivers strives to remove the stress of finding a trusted in-home senior caregiver by making home care human.

The Challenge

HomeWatch Caregivers of Williamsport wanted to improve their day-to-day communication between administrative staff and caregivers while ensuring the communication was HIPAA compliant. They were looking for a HIPAA-compliant messaging solution that their team could start using straight away with no training.

HomeWatch Caregivers of Williamsport decided to implement Celo across their organization and provide their staff with a safe, easy-to-use and compliant environment for communication.

The Solution

Roll out Celo across the organization, using our Instant Onboarding feature to create all accounts instantly, and onboard the organization rapidly. A Celo account manager was also assigned to ensure their main goal of quick implementation across the organization.


93% of staff onboarded in the first 10days

55% of staff use Celo daily

160 000 messages exchanged in the first 90 days


"Celo is a cost effective, unlimited platform for HIPAA compliant communication. Looking at the numbers it’s a good thing we have it...apparently we have a lot to say! Ensures open and honest, compliant communication to provide the best timely care for our clients with the easiest access for our caregivers."

Kirk Fisher

President & CEO

Homewatch Caregivers of Williamsport

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