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Highland Home Carers (HHC) is Scotland's leading independent provider of home care and support services. Since becoming employee-owned in 2004, HHC has grown to employ over 230 staff members who deliver a wide range of high-quality care services. From long-term complex care to assistance with everyday living, HHC tailors its services to meet the unique needs of each individual, ensuring personalized and compassionate care.

The Challenge

HHC faced significant communication challenges after their previous messaging platform was retired in 2021. They urgently needed a secure, reliable, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution. Alternatives like MS Teams were too expensive and complex for their needs. HHC required a simple platform to ensure ease of use for all staff, including those less tech-savvy.

Security was crucial due to the sensitive nature of their communications, and seamless integration with existing systems was necessary to avoid disruptions. Balancing affordability, simplicity, security, and integration was essential for maintaining HHC’s high standards of care and efficiency.

The Solution

HHC chose Celo for its user-friendly interface, end-to-end encryption, and healthcare-specific features. Celo enabled seamless, real-time communication among caregivers and administrative teams, improving coordination, sharing updates, and maintaining a secure network for confidential client information.

Implementation was swift, connecting all staff within days. HHC required secure, professional communication, and Celo delivered with its intuitive app and crucial oversight of team conversations. This enabled HHC to identify potential issues early and effectively monitor training and development needs.


100% of staff onboarded in the first 30 days

52k+ messages exchanged in the first 30 days

190k+ messages exchanged in the first 90 days


"Highland Home Carers is the biggest provider of adult social care in the Highlands, and the ability to communicate with our colleagues in a safe, secure, and professional way is imperative to our employee-owned business. Celo provides us with a platform that does just that."

"Our colleagues are finding the app easy to use and very intuitive, and we as a business have a crucial oversight of the conversations our teams are having. This oversight allows us to spot potential issues before they become significant and also allows us to monitor training and development needs we otherwise wouldn’t be sighted on."

Jean Stewart

Director of HR & Workforce Development

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