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Always Best Care Senior Services of Argyle


In the 1990s, near Sacramento, California, Michael Newman started Always Best Care because he saw a need for better senior services. Established in 1996, it now has over 225 franchises offering senior care across the United States and Canada.

The Challenge

Always Best Care in Argyle, TX required an improved communication method to replace their current use of SMS and email, which did not meet HIPAA compliance standards and lacked security for sensitive patient information. The staff found these methods cumbersome and inefficient, causing communication delays.

To address these issues, they sought a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant messaging system that could be implemented quickly and seamlessly, without the need for extensive staff training. Their primary goal was to enhance communication efficiency and ensure patient data security while minimizing disruption to their daily operations.

The Solution

Always Best Care in Argyle, TX chose Celo to address their HIPAA communication challenges. They implemented Celo across their organization quickly and easily, benefiting from Celo's instant onboarding process. This process included dedicated support from an account manager, who ensured a smooth and fast rollout.

Celo's user-friendly interface allowed staff to transition effortlessly from SMS and email, requiring no additional training. As a result, they achieved compliance with HIPAA standards, enhanced the security of sensitive patient information, and significantly improved communication efficiency within the organization.


88% of staff onboarded in the first 60 days

85% of staff use Celo weekly

5k+ messages exchanged in the last 30 days


"Without a doubt, this has been the best integration of an outside vendor we have ever experienced. Adoption of the app by our staff was immediate and it has been very easy to use."

"We now have compliance with HIPAA, and the Celo team has been there every step of the way. I would recommend Celo to anybody in the industry needing to transition to HIPAA-compliant messaging."

Matthew Brocket

Director of Operations / Alt. Administrator, Always Best Care of Argyle, TX

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