Celo is Connecting Healthcare

Celo is derived from Latin, its meaning is to hide, conceal, keep secret.

Celo for Big Hospital to Small

From big hospitals to small clinics, Celo helps healthcare professionals communicate better.

Our mission is to connect healthcare professionals around the world and save lives.

Ineffective communication among healthcare professionals is one of the leading causes of medical errors and patient harm. It can also result in increased length of stay or increased resource use.

Communication saves lives

Developed by healthcare professionals from the ground up, Celo is a healthcare communication tool that has been specially designed to ensure ease of use in a range of healthcare settings.

Celo ensures patient information is kept safe and secure, improves workflow and delivers patient care more efficiently, while always keeping the patient first in mind and at the centre of care.

By connecting healthcare professionals throughout the patients care network, Celo ensures the patient receives optimal care no matter where they are.

Celo Communication saves lives

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How we work

Health care workers and health professionals help make life enjoyable and rewarding – their commitment is the backbone of better life for all. We want to make their work simpler, more efficient, safer and compliant with the ever-increasing legislative privacy and regulatory requirements. Like all ambitious goals, we can’t do it by ourselves: Celo works closely with our customers, partners, and Government to continually improve our services to our users.

Who we work with


Our Team

We’re on a mission to connect healthcare and save lives.

It takes a talented team to build the infrastructure healthcare professionals around the world need to look after our family and friends.

Meet our Celo team by clicking below.

Platinum Innovation Partners

Caterbury District Health Board
Nurse Maude

Our Customers

Caterbury District Health Board
Hawke's Bay District Health Board
Nurse Maude
Healthvision NZ
Debra New Zealand
Pacific Radiology
NZ Society for Oncology
West Coast District Health Board
Timaru Primary Care
Darefield Medial Centre
Auckland District Health Board
Urology Associates