Celo User Documents

Celo is a secure mobile application that allows healthcare professionals to communicate patient information to each other. By using Celo, all users accept and agree to adhere to the following Guidelines of Use and Terms and Conditions of Celo. Users must obtain patient consent and make patients aware of the use of Celo and why they are communicating their health information using the Celo service. Health professionals should note any use of Celo in the patient notes during consult and also note that consent has been obtained from the patient. Users of Celo can use the built in digital consent form when taking/sending patient images or communicating patient information. All Celo information is stored in an encrypted state including images. Celo information is only accessible to Celo users that have authorisation to view that information and is logged accordingly.

Celo User Guide – iOS – Mobile Format 

Celo User Guide – Android – Mobile Format   

Celo User Guide – iOS – Printable A4   

Celo User Guide – Android – Printable A4

Celo User Guide – Desktop

Celo Guidelines of Use and Terms and Conditions   

Download Celo here:

Android app on Google Play

Frequently Asked Questions

My Celo app is crashing! Please help! 

You may be using a old version of the application. Please update the app from the app store and retry. If this does not work please delete the app and then reinstall the app on your phone. If you need to reset your password you can do this by entering your email address through the reset password link. Please make sure you use your same email address that you have registered on the app with (this is usually your work email address).

If you still have problems with the app please contact us at support@celo.co.nz and we will help you.

Can someone please help with navigating the app?!

Go to the settings page in the Celo application and click on the User Guide. This will take you through using Celo and answer most of your questions. If you still need help please contact us through the app!

Why does my account not log in?

Your subscription may have ended. Please contact your company administrator who will be able to look this up for you. Alternatively get in touch with us directly and we will be more than happy to look at your subscription status.

I would like to sign up a friend or partner with another organisation. How do I go about this?

Talk to your company administrator or contact us directly and we can help set you up with your surrounding network of healthcare professionals. Celo is building an extensive network of healthcare professionals and would like to make contacting your colleagues in real time easy.

I can’t open the Celo app on my phone. What can I do about this?

Please ensure you have the latest software installed on your smart phone. Celo supports iOS 8 and above as well as Android 4.1 and above. Please try again once you have updated your operating system. If any problems persist please get in touch with our support team using the form below.