Bay of Plenty DHB implements Celo to keep healthcare staff connected securely during Omicron outbreak

Feb 16, 2022

The Bay Of Plenty DHB has signed an enterprise agreement with collaboration technology provider Celo to provide a safe, compliant and secure platform for clinicians to use for messaging colleagues.


"Our DHB has committed to providing secure technology solutions that enable us to deliver a high standard of care. We're supporting clinical staff with technology that makes their jobs easier and safer," says Richard Li, CIO, Bay of Plenty DHB.

Steve Vlok, Founder and CEO of Celo adds: “New Zealand is in the process of transitioning to a new healthcare structure in which legacy systems are safely connected and compliance and privacy take centre stage. The Bay of Plenty is an example of a DHB that isn’t waiting around for others to innovate.”

He adds: “Across New Zealand we’ve seen first hand the use of consumer tools like WhatsApp and texting in the healthcare setting. Although these tools can be useful, they fall short of health privacy standards and put sensitive patient information at risk. I’ve been impressed with the Bay of Plenty DHB’s ability to quickly respond to the current environment and provide their staff with the right tools for the job.”


The partnership comes as clinical staff across New Zealand face mounting pressures ahead of a likely Omicron outbreak, including increasing caseloads, the additional burden of Covid compliance and worsening staff shortages - making a secure, efficient mechanism for communicating even more vital.

Celo doesn't require lengthy development or set up, is locally owned and can be implemented quickly, ensuring the DHB can quickly and adequately prepare for Omicron. The ability to collaborate via one secure app, on their phone, will be important should teams need to quickly arrange cover due to a colleague testing positive and needing to isolate.

Bottom-up adoption


'"When we met with the DHB, a number of their clinicians already trusted Celo for their day-to-day collaboration needs. Celo is currently used in some capacity across all 20 DHBs. Health staff are aware of the risk of data leaks and are increasingly turning to Celo to enable encrypted communication, including a secure pin, fingerprint or face ID and digital consent forms. It made sense for the DHB to formalise a partnership that would give them access to additional features as the platform had already proven immensely valuable," says Vlok.

Enterprise features include the ability to integrate messaging with healthcare records so that staff can save images and information exchanged directly to hospital records. This imagery isn't stored locally at a device level, meaning it reduces the risk of leakage.

Vlok adds: "Celo is fast becoming the secure messaging tool of choice across the health sector - simply due to its ease of use and availability across the health sector. Clinicians can continue to use the platform regardless of where they work and can communicate across organisational boundaries."

"We’re very excited to be partnering with the Bay of Plenty DHB at a time when communication is one of the most important tools in a healthcare organisation’s response to COVID-19.This decision is set to benefit the health workforce and patients not only as we face into a very different future with Omicron on our doorstep, but also as we reshape a more secure, more unified healthcare system across the country,” Vlok concludes.

About Celo Health

Celo offers a HIPAA-compliant and secure messaging platform that enables healthcare teams to collaborate seamlessly and securely on patient care. This easy-to-use platform requires no training and assures instant onboarding of employees. It integrates securely with a healthcare provider’s existing Electronic Health Records (EHR) and its built-in directory enables healthcare teams to reach the right person instantly, saving time and lives.  The platform optimises the efficiency of clinical workflows, increases worker productivity through significant time savings, speeds decision making, minimises the risk of data breaches and fines by ensuring compliance, and ultimately enhances patient outcomes. Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop, Celo’s platform is available globally with offices based in Auckland, Sydney, London, and Seattle. Learn more about Celo at

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