Instant messaging app for healthcare professionals comes to South Canterbury

April 24, 2018

Celo was honoured to be mentioned in the Timaru Herald for helping Doctors, Pharmacists and Nurses communicate more efficiently and effectively. According to pharmacist John Kennedy of Moyle’s Pharmacy, Celo’s main advantage to the healthcare sector is that doctors can be contacted directly, securely and without being interrupted. Unsecured and inefficient communication is currently a big problem in the healthcare sector so it has been a relief to Kennedy and Canterbury doctors that Celo allows him to get answers “instantly or within 15 minutes”. Celo has helped free up phone lines in Canterbury healthcare establishments and has made it easier for doctors to keep a record of requests and the answers they have given. The Canterbury Health Board is paving the way for other health boards and organisations to follow by working with Celo and striving towards a better means of communication amongst the sector.

SOURCE: Timaru Herald →