Celo the safe-snapping app

May 24th, 2018

Medical staff cannot use WhatsApp, Snapchat or Text Messaging when sending private medical information to one another as this is insecure. Celo fills this gap as it offers a secure and compliant solution for communication in the medical field. Christchurch Hospital Paediatrician Dr John Garrett says the Celo app has been invaluable for his work. Celo is the preferred method of communication in the Paediatrics department. Celo behaves more like a mobile banking app, where nothing is stored on the device and nobody can access information without the user’s unique PIN code. All users on a Celo network are verified, so there is no chance of a user accidentally sending patient images to someone who doesn’t work in healthcare.  The wide utilisation of Celo ensures the best experience for patients as shown at the Canterbury District Health Board.

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