Canterbury extends roll-out of secure messaging app

April 16th, 2018

The Canterbury DHB and Celo are working together to enable Christchurch doctors to communicate securely to speed up diagnostic and treatment decision making and make healthcare a faster and more efficient experience for patients in Canterbury. Celo allows medical professionals to communicate with each other, send documents and photographs, and safely share patient details within a secure, encrypted digital network. Christchurch Hospital consultant plastic surgeon Jeremy Simcock says that while medical images are part of the medical record, there is another group of images that are taken on a more ad hoc basis to assist decision making in an acute environment. “The CDHB recognised that it was useful to patients to have those images being communicated, but it needed to be secure. That’s why Celo developed the app, and we piloted it and showed it practically worked and was easy to use, as that was the key thing to get right,” Simcock told eHealthNews. The Christchurch DHB is leading the way for DHB’s around New Zealand to follow to ensure improved and safer healthcare for all patients in the country.

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